About Us

We get it. Because we grow it.

As a grower and as a manufacturer we understand every link in the chain, and we make sure each and everyone is strong to keep you supplied with everything you need.

Foothill Hemp is the culmination of our efforts to bring to market the purest CBD on the market today.

As farmers ourselves we have strived for years to perfect the growing conditions and farming practices required to create the best hemp flower available.

Foothill Hemp Farm products all stem from our Own Grown Flower.

Using only our own plants allows us to ensure the quality and consistency of the oil it produces.

Our CBD oil is made by removing only the THC and leaving all of the other recognized major and minor cannabinoids.

Each outdoor season’s flower begins with the highest quality seeds and our fertile soil. Our seeds are purchased each spring from an industry-leading breeder and our soil is cultivated and amended each fall with the stalk and stem left in the field from harvest.

We replenish the soil with the plant it helped us grow. Each seed begins its journey to the field in an onsite greenhouse in specially formulated soil to promote deep roots and strong stalks. After 3 weeks of gentle growing conditions, we begin hardening them up for their transfer to the field. Each and every start is hand planted to promote and encourage expansive growth.